Opening expositie: Script for life

Tot en met 6 juni te zien bij Kadett

A demonstration inside a room, a small group of students making a movie, a dog who doesn’t want to walk, teenagers living with their parents, an appointment at the psychoanalyst

A small theater of life

Scenes from daily life mixing up with fictional scenes and vice versa.

A series of drawings

A story divided in small scenes, like the scenes of a film

A book will complete the exhibition,

A dictionary of images

A series of words

A personal history of cinema

Noé Cottencin graduated from the department of Moving Image of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2017. His work revolves around narration throughout different mediums.

From drawing to film, from performance to publications, from exhibitions to interventions in the public space, focusing on the notion of the group and its dynamics.

His drive is mostly centered on humor and derision and he likes to create situations inspired from daily life, cinema, music and the news, to comment on his environment.

The situations are often absurd, as our own paradoxes and contradictions, regular protagonists are hairy men, feminists, dogs who make aphorisms, surfers who can’t surf and other characters who don’t belong to the human community.

Each one trying to find his or her own truth.

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